Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: Delivering trusted service with an effective team


For more than 10 years, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group has been providing dependable service to customers with their effective team. Each member of their team is hard working and has sufficient know-how in handling car issues.


A lot of people, especially residents of Southbourne, have been recommending the company to their families and friends with car-related problems throughout the years. Customers’ good reviews are a solid testament to the amicable and wise service of the team. Managers are also worthy of praises because of their commitment to the company and to their customers.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group also builds good relationship and friendship with their customers, and their professionalism can really solve any car problems with their great skills. This family run company has been entailed with the trades in South Coast of Hampshire as well. Their professionals can do a good evaluation of your car and can even see forthcoming problems and do immediate actions to prevent them.


The members of the company have been doing their tasks with careful thought, making their service acquire first-rate quality. They offer brake checks, car servicing, looking for good tyres, MOTs, along with free seasonal checks. Tyre&Auto also has an online service that can help you reserve your tyres for fitting and get a fast tyre quote.


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group always prioritizes the convenience of their customers, so they are providing them with a local collect and a return service in which you may ask their team about the service when you booked. Their services don’t stop on those mentioned above because they can also check your car’s windscreen wipers and can do a full engine overhaul on your vehicle.


Contact their local depot today to know more info about them and make yourself a witness to their trusted service. You will then talk to one of the members of their effective team and see their unparalleled service comes to light.

Tokyo MK Taxi Group Information

MK Group New Information


please note


Calling from time to order such as a taxi is very much mistaken.

Please make sure to call the number after confirming the number well.


Booking Information


MK Sky Gate Shuttle by Merger System (Kansai · Itami Pickup)


Kyoto -> Kanku" one way one person 3,600 yen "Kyoto-> Itami Airport" one way one person 2,900 yen

"Kobe-Ashiya -> Kanku" one way one person 2,000 yen -


Direct chartered at affordable prices! Airport transfer fixed taxi


Traveling at major airports all over the country! Easy reservation by smartphone dispatch! (Excluding Tokyo MK · Taiwan)


Taxi ordering (Kyoto)


15% better than others! Even in the daytime and early morning, MK taxi is the cheapest in Kyoto.


Please also try Alphard HV of six people.


 075-778-4141 (Yoiyoi)

  0774-53-5489 (Uji / Castle)

* We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.


Higher of ordering (Kyoto)


VIP transfer, from tourist information to English conversation escort, you can use it in every scene.

Reservation is required beforehand for hire use ※.




* We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.


Tourist taxi WEB reservation   Learn more about Higher


A convenient way of riding a MK taxi


MK smart car delivery


Easy order from Sumaho App! Because you do not need to talk, you can order from the conference or from the train.

Target area: Kyoto · Osaka · Kobe · Shiga · Sapporo · Nagoya · Fukuoka


Automatic reception! Yobaru-kun


Ideal for a scene of "home from now to the usual place" such as home / shop! Because it is an automatic response, it also connects when call center is crowded.

Target area: Kyoto · Shiga



SC Advisors Real Estate - Amway Center Case Study


On October 10, 2010, Orlando’s Amway Center, the nationally acclaimed new home of the Orlando Magic, opened 30 days ahead of schedule and within budget.


The complex 800,000 sf public-private venture also received LEED® Gold Certification—the first basketball venue in the nation to do so. The developer of this massive project, the Orlando Magic, retained SC Advisors as the Developer’s Representative. SCA worked closely with the Magic project team through every detail of funding, approvals, design, construction, occupancy, and closeout.


In addition to the design/build challenges inherent with a special use facility, the SCA team successfully navigated the daily challenges of a high profile project with numerous public requirements including M/WBE commitments, neighborhood programs, direct public procurement, and owner’s insurance programs.


At the same time, the SCA team effectively balanced the requirements of the City of Orlando as the new owner, and the Orlando Magic as developer-at-risk and anchor tenant.



We have experience and know-how in serving middle-market portfolio companies and delivering transaction services.




Information is your most important asset in any transaction. It has to be timely, thorough, and meet your objectives. That’s why, at each stage of the deal cycle—from planning and due diligence to exit—you need an advisory firm that’s reliable, available, and understands your business.


With nimble and industry-focused teams, we’re small enough to be on speed-dial, yet large enough to tackle your most complex tax, accounting, and business challenges. We work with more than 200 private equity firms and their portfolio companies, ranging in size from emerging funds to those with more than $1 billion under management.


We don’t offer a set of standard private equity services. Instead, we take a personalized approach, working with you to identify your specific objectives and then adapting our processes to best achieve them. Learn more about our private equity transaction services.




Evaluating the investment


- Financial due diligence

- Accounting

- Tax

- Operations reviews

- Benefit plan services

- Internal controls

- IT and integration

Making the transaction


- Strategic mergers and acquisitions

- Deal and tax structuring

- Merger information

- Business valuations

- Opening balance sheet audits

- Working capital adjustments

- Purchase price disputes


Advising the portfolio company


- Audit and tax service

- Internal audit

- Operations performance reviews

- Corporate governance

- Benefit plan services


Selling the portfolio company


- Sell-side consulting

- IPOs

- Tax structuring




As a founding member of Praxity AISBL, a global alliance of independent accounting firms, we give you access to trusted expertise in 97 countries and territories around the world.


Contact us today to learn how our timely input can drive informed decisions.

Singapore Huxley Associates International Financial Corporation Fraud Regulatory Commission on 10 steps to finding a new job


Starting a new job search can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’ve been in your current role for a while.


However - whether it be a change in career path or a desire to progress and challenge yourself, finding a new job could be the best thing you do this year.


Conducting your job search shouldn’t be a hassle and providing you stay focused you will have every chance of landing your dream role. Here are some key steps to help:


Get motivated for change


If you’re thinking about changing jobs make sure you’re absolutely clear on what your motivation for change is. Start your search with a clear idea on what you are looking for from your new job role.


If you are looking for an increase in salary, consult salary checkers to get an idea of what you are worth.


If you’re looking to diversify your skills, pick up the phone and contact the relevant people to determine whether a new role would suit you.


Know your strengths and skills

If your current role doesn’t utilise your strengths, passions and skills have a think about what they are and what jobs would align well with them.


Do you work better individually or in a team? Do you work well to deadlines? These are the questions to consider right at the beginning of your job search.


Focus your job search


Understanding what your skills and strengths are will allow you to refine and focus your job search further.


Use job search engines to search for jobs with keywords that suit you and match your interests. This part is all about shortlisting relevant positions that suit you.


Connect with your contacts


Over your career and throughout university you will have amassed hundreds of potential connections – either online, at work or socially.


With a growing number of companies tending to rely heavily on employee referrals it’s vital to network effectively and properly.


You never know which contact may be able to help you with your job search or put you in touch with someone who can.


Create a list of desired companies


There is no harm in writing down a few organisations that you have a desire to work for, if anything this focuses your job search further.


Take it to the next level by identifying who is responsible for hiring and contact them directly asking if they have any job openings in the future and what skills and experience they look for.


Take a look at LinkedIn and type in the role you’d like – does it exist at that company? If not, is there scope for exploratory discussions with the department head? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know…


Target your resume and cover letter


Showing that you have understood the job role and understand the organisation demonstrates that you could be a good fit. Address your CV directly to who deals with recruitment where possible, this shows that you have taken the due diligence during your job search.


Use all opportunities the internet presents


Registering on job boards will almost certainly be beneficial to your job search. Another useful trick you can utilise is to set up email notifications for jobs that match your skills and interests.


Research recruitment agencies and give them a call – they are best placed to provide advice that is specific to your industry, and they have the insider know-how to boost your chances of securing interviews.


Make sure that your LinkedIn profile contains keywords within your job title and experiences. As well as this, ensure that an up-to-date version of your CV is visible on your profile.


Look for hidden unadvertised jobs


It’s time to use your initiative and be hands-on when looking for a new career. With research suggesting that many jobs aren’t advertised it’s up to you to get your name out there by sending speculative applications to employers that you have targeted.


Advertised jobs receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications so investing time in finding unadvertised job vacancies will mean you have less competition and stand a better chance of an interview.


Perfect your interview technique


If you have been in your current role for a substantial period of time it is unlikely that you will be well versed in the art of interviews.


Research the company and try your best to predict what kind of questions they might ask about your experiences and achievements listed on your CV. Practicing your answers aloud, no matter how pointless it feels, will also benefit you greatly.


Prepare your own questions


Your questions at the end of an interview are an opportunity to really show off how suited you are to the job role.


Ask questions that evidently show how much effort you have put into your interview preparation. Your questions at the end of an interview are an opportunity to show how much you know about the employer's business, use them.

Howard Marans MD: Why Athlete’s Should Always Consult a Sports Medicine Surgeon

Although athletes are in peak physical condition, the rigors of their physical training and competition mean that they are also at a greater risk of developing orthopedic problems, especially stress injuries. When athletes seek medical care for an injury, it is important to always consult with a sports medicine surgeon, who has the skills and experience to provide the best treatment possible.


Unique Needs of Athletes



As compared to the general population, athletes have unique needs. As mentioned above, they are more prone to certain injuries. It is important for the doctor to be aware of the factors that lead to sports injuries, and the factors that can prevent sports injuries.


Additionally, the goal of treatment for sports injuries is to return the client to peak physical condition, so that they are able to train and compete at their previous level if at all possible. In contrast, the goal of treatment for older or more sedentary individuals is to control symptoms and prevent further damage. Therefore, treatment for athletes is often more aggressive and more precise.


Preventing Injury and Maximizing Health


A major goal of a sports medicine surgeon is to not just treat the current injury, but prevent further injuries and maximize the health of the patient. For example, many athletic injuries occur due to over-training, which can place strain on certain joints or parts of the body.


The surgeon should carefully evaluate the factors that led to the injury and work with the patient to develop a plan to prevent future injuries. For example, one common solution to over-training is to do cross-training, in which a different type of training is alternated with the traditional training. The doctor will also advise on how to recognize and deal with early signs of joint stress.


Arthroscopic Surgery


Arthroscopic surgery is often used to treat sports injuries that cannot be treated with non-surgical methods. During arthroscopic surgery, the sports medicine surgeon is able to operate on a joint without having to open it up. The doctor makes several small incisions, and a camera is inserted through one of the incisions, allowing the doctor to see the inside of the joint. Tools inserted through the other incisions are used to perform the operation.


Top California Sports Medicine Surgeon 


Dr. Howard Marans of OC Orthopedic is the top sports medicine surgeon in California. Throughout his two decades of experience in orthopedic medicine, Dr. Howard Marans has treated many high-achieving athletes, including Olympians. Dr. Marans understands the unique needs of athletes, and works with each client to return to the previous level of activity as soon as possible.


Dr. Marans would be happy to meet with you about your orthopedic health. To schedule your consultation today, please click below and enter your information or call OC Orthopedic at (714) 979-8981.

Source: http://www.sociopost.com/node/782117

Anaheim #2 Round 3 Supercross 2015 Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda  --- The second of three stops to Anaheim Angel Stadium took place on Saturday. The AMA Supercross Monster Energy races that night was a great crowd puller with close to 41,000 raving fans edging the riders on their way to glory. It was a rollercoaster battle for Team Honda as the star riders championed for greater heights in their path towards #WhosNext. Star riders of Team Honda Cole Seely and Trey Canard pitched a few hairy bump ups with other riders. Lap 7 saw Trey Canard challenged by Chad Reed as they battled for fourth place. Misjudgment by Canard resulted in him bumping in to the back of Reed’s bike making both loose precious time on track. Instant retaliation came from Reed who rammed Trey Canard off track and to the ground, a move that cost the competition for Reed as he was disqualified and black flagged.


Certain downhills for Team Honda on this night were greatly salvaged when Seely completed his ride notching up his best finish for the year so far. Seely who opened the season on a jumpy ride struggling to establish in premier division went on to show his true potential in Californian style that night. Despite a perilous encounter with another rider Seely managed to sail through the track crossing the checkered flag at position six. It was not such a rosy night for Canard who had to battle his own challenges through the ride. Yet he managed to secure the 11th place for Team Honda following the debacle with Reed in the main event. Eli Tomac GEICO Honda star rider continued the momentum of winning from last week consolidating his position with a third place winning at the second of three Anaheim.


Ride Highlights


  • The scheduled autograph signing session by Cole Seely and Trey Canard took place on the eve of the race night at Huntington Beach Honda, the local Powerhouse Dealer. March Samulewicz, general manager of Huntington told media that it was the ninth year they had hosted Team Honda for a session. “The first we hosted was in 2006. We had factory racers Ernesto Fonseca, Jeremy McGarth, DaviMillsaps, Travis Preston and Andrew Short for that session. Since it has been a great road and we really appreciate all support we receive from Team Honda and riders with each year’ he added.


  • The technical track for Anaheim 2 was comparatively long making lap times higher from the first 2 rounds. Seely positioned at 11th place scored a lap time of 1:03:790 at daytime qualifying with Canard recording 1:02:580 and a third best with only fractions of tenths off first rider’s timing.


  • Both star riders were placed for the second heat race. Seely and Canard both had a sluggish start though hard-work on the part of Seely earned him a runner-up closing. Canard who was dogged by another rider concluded the heat at ninth position compelling him to advance through second semi race, which went very smoothly for him with leads in every lap.


  • The lap times recorded by Canard during main event indicate he has performed faster than shown by his result. With a best lap time of 1:02:656 he has fourth best timing of all riders and only 0.7 seconds after Tomac who recorded a best of 1:01:987.


  • Honda factory riders, Tomac and Canard were among the few riders who accomplished a section of jumps on Saturday night on the technical track.


  • Canard displayed powerful performance during early going of the ride. Ending at 13th position on lap one the Oklahoman rider sped up the ladder reaching eight position on lap two end. Lap six saw him sailing up to fourth place where unfortunately he clashed with Chad Reed and moved down to 15th place at the closing of lap eight. With the pack fairly spread out Canard salvaged his standing at 11th place on the checkered flag.


  • Misfortune in the main event caused Canard to loose vital points in overall standings. He dropped from fourth place to fifth with a 43 point follow after Tomac. He is also 29 points behind the night’s winner Ken Roczen. Seely meanwhile consolidated his position at 11th place with 29.


  • Team Honda will next appear at Oakland O.Co Coliseum after a short break of a week. Team Honda riders Canard and Seely is expected to lineup for action on January 24th following a press day appearance on the Thursday before race day. Tune in for pre-race interviews with Bay Area Media by the two star riders of Team Honda.


450SX Results

  1. Ken Roczen
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Eli Tomac (GEICO Honda)
  4. Justin Barcia
  5. Broc Tickle
  6. Cole Seely (Team Honda)
  7. Jason Anderson
  8. Dean Wilson
  9. DaviMillsaps
  10. Blake Baggett
  11. Trey Canard (Team Honda)
  12. Brett Metcalfe
  13. Kyle Chisholm
  14. Nicholas Wey
  15. Ben Lamay
  16. Jimmy Albertson
  17. Jacob Weimer
  18. Cade Clason
  19. Mike Alessi
  20. Josh Grant
  21. Andrew Short
  22. Chad Reed


450SX Championship Points (after 3 of 17 rounds)

  1. Ken Roczen 72

2.Ryan Dungey 60

3.Jason Anderson 51

4.Eli Tomac 46

5.Trey Canard 43

6.Justin Barcia 43

7.Broc Tickle 38

8.Weston Peick 32

9.Andrew Short 31

10.DaviMillsaps 30

11.Cole Seely 29

12.Blake Baggett 28

13.Jacob Weimer 26

14.Dean Wilson 23

15.Chad Reed 22

16.Brett Metcalfe 18

17.Mike Alessi 17

18.Justin Brayton 14

19.Kyle Chisholm 8


Meir Ezra: From Fear to Financial Independence

So, I am sure you noticed that working hard doesn’t cut it… Working long hours, hoping, trying, giving up, etc. None of that brings income!


Instead of enjoying financial independence and having a business that creates wealth and gives you money, many people give money to their business. The weird part is that they think this is normal….


You know you don’t have money in direct ratio to your abilities.


So Why Is That?


How come people less smart than you have more money?


There is an actual reason for that!


Once you know WHY you don’t have money, you will be able to handle the actual problem and YOU WILL HAVE MONEY.


Discover the truth. Attend The Secrets to 100X Your Income and Your Life with Meir Ezra.


Looking forward to seeing you at the webinar!


To Your Success,


Shamayah Sarrucco

Guaranteed Prosperity

Source: http://viralnetworks.com/forum-thread/id/11752/Meir_Ezra_From_Fear_to_Financial_Independence.html

The Cotswold Group United Kingdom Expertise

The Cotswold Group United Kingdom - Expertise

Our designated teams operate within their specific area of expertise which includes Fraud, Intelligence, Surveillance and Liability Investigation. All operational areas are supported by our centrally based administration and case management team, giving us the infrastructure to provide an end to end investigation service and solution. By bringing together this range of experience, we can deliver an efficient and pro-active strategy on each instruction, tailoring our approach dependent upon each set of circumstances.

Tom Scott
Associate Director

Tom a former Police Officer, served within the CID and Regional Crime Squad where he specialised in covert surveillance combating serious and organised crime. This experience led Tom to set up The Cotswold Group in 1990. Tom stepped up into the role of Associate Director on 1st January 2014 and continues to be involved in the strategic direction of the business.

Matthew Cantle
Managing Director

Matthew was appointed as Managing Director of The Cotswold Group on 1 July 2014. Since joining us in 2010 he has held the position of Operations Director and more recently successfully led the Business Development area, implementing a number of strategic change projects.

Andrew Cocks
Finance and Human Resources Director

Andrew has been a Director for three years following the acquisition of The Cotswold Group by G4S. He has 20 years’ experience of strategic management gained both in the security services sectors and wider commerce.

Stephen Cantello
Operations Director

Stephen Cantello joined The Cotswold Group in 2007 from a successful career in the police force, where he attained the rank of Detective Sergeant. Stephen has extensive management and leadership experience and has worked as our Head of Fraud Investigations and now holds the role of Operations Director.

Source: http://www.thecotswoldgroup.co.uk

Skillful Charitable Giving Begins With a Plan

There's an easy and relatively painless way to avoid the year-end crush and make more effective gifts: Create a plan now and fulfill it throughout the year. Here's how.

1. Start by making a list of the things you care about and want to benefit in the coming year. The things you focus on change as your life does, so decide which past causes to keep and which new ones to add.

2. Create a list of the nonprofits you want to support. Some of these may be organizations you have benefited for a long time. Consider adding a few new nonprofits to your list, either because you've found them recently or want to know more about them.

3. Then consider your charitable budget for the year. As you gather your paperwork together to file taxes, take a frank look at your financial resources and how much you donated in 2014. Are you living out your values, fulfilling a religious belief, or giving back? You might be able to be more generous in 2015, if you're creative with your finances.

4. Decide how and when you want to give during the year. This decision depends on your own cash flow and the form your gifts will take. Write out your plan in a simple format and get going.

5. Better yet, set up a series of gifts during the year using automatic withdrawals. Doing so will ensure that next December, you can take at least one thing off of your year-end to-do list: catching up on your charitable giving.

Then follow up with your plan during the year by engaging with the nonprofits you care about. Read their materials, meet staff or board members, or spend some time volunteering. You're giving to make a difference, yet you can't know whether you made a difference without following up.

This is a simple level of planning. If you have a large or complex set of financial resources, or want to make unusual gifts, you would benefit from having a professional help you with your planning. These services are usually scalable to your situation and may include multi-year planning.

QVF Group Fraud Investigators Civil Risk Management

Meet the Team


Steve Mackle


Steve has worked for over 30 years in the fields of Financial Intelligence, Compliance, Money Laundering and Asset Tracing.


Steve has expertise in financial investigation from both a police service and accountancy practice perspective.


Steve acts as a consultant to the members of the National Housing Federation in relation to money laundering issues and has particular expertise in how money laundering and fraud affects that sector and the Local Government sector.


Barbara Franklin QPM


Barbara has completed over 33 years in the public and private sectors that include environments of organised crime, terrorism and government policy.


Barbara has been at the head of many investigations into Bribery, Corruption, and Misconduct.


She has experience at the highest level in Assessment of Operational Risk Management Processes and Policy.


Barbara has delivered training nationally in Anti Bribery and Corruption and is qualified to teach in the adult learning sector.


Terry McCabe


Terry has over 29 years of investigative experience.


He is a Specialist in Fraud Case management and is a Nationally Trained Fraud Investigator


Terry was also an accredited Financial Investigator  and Asset Confiscator.


His experience also extends to investigating, Public Sector Corruption, Bribery, Electoral Malpractice and Organised Crime.


He has been active within National Working Parties on Identity Theft, Electoral Malpractice and Action Fraud.


Trevor Fordy


Trevor Fordy is a former career detective, having served over 30 of his 34 years police service as a dedicated Investigator with the CID, the force’s Serious Crime Squad, Drug Squad and nationally on the Regional Crime and Regional Drug Squads.


His policing service has included both overt and covert policing tactics, heading up his force’s Inspectorate Department and culminated as a Detective Superintendent spending more than 7 years as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) investigating homicide, gangland violence and other serious crime.


William Johnston


Willie Johnston served in the public sector for 30 years with the police force, retiring in the rank of Detective Superintendent in August 2006.


During his police career he represented ACPO(S) on many partnership national working groups and was the Senior Investigating Officer on many high profile serious crime investigations, responsible for managing large teams, presenting to live media, and budget control.




Ian has 24yrs years experience in Road Traffic enforcement and 15 years as a Forensic Collision Investigator, carrying out complex investigations in all aspects of Road Traffic Collisions.


He is qualified to carry out Forensic reconstructions of collisions and has undertaken hundreds investigations into Fatal, Serious and Complex collisions. He is a qualified mechanical engineer and draughtsman in structural engineering and shipbuilding.

Able Company: Links and Resources

Represented Product Links


* Victory Energy

* Coen, TODD Combustion and Peabody Engineering

* Etech

* Industrial Steam

* Industrial Cooling Solutions

* Environmental Monitor Service (EMS)



Environmental and Industry Links


* Summary of air emissions regulations for area sources

* New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

* New York City Environmental Protection

* New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

* Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

* Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Source: http://www.ablecompany.com/links.html

PC Woo & Co Law Group: Our Practices



P. C. Woo & Co. combines the skills and expertise of our intellectual property lawyers with those of our commercial and litigation lawyers, allowing us to offer a comprehensive intellectual property service.

We assist our clients in identifying the extent of their intellectual property rights and registering their ownership. When their intellectual property rights are threatened, we enforce and defend their ownership, maintain watch for breaches and advise on litigation action.


We work with our clients to maximize and enforce their valuable intellectual property rights, and our ability to provide seamless advice on the creation, commercialization, management, protection and enforcement of our clients' intellectual property rights sets us apart from our competitors.


We advise clients on all aspects of intellectual property and offer services both in Hong Kong and on an international basis in the following service areas:


  • Patents and Designs
  • Trade Marks
  • Intellectual Property Enforcement
  • Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Intellectual Property Management


Source: http://www.pcwoo.com/practices_ip.html

Newport CH International LLC: Fulfilling the Global Demand for Recycling

Newport CH International LLC is an international trading company established in 2003 focused on the purchasing and direct export sale of recyclable paper, plastics and metals. We trade, broker, market and facilitate the entire process for our clients.


Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable employees are our most important asset. It is our valuable experience and excellent service that sets us apart in the industry.

Source: http://www.newportchintl.com/index.html

Bacall Associates Travel: Techniques in using Social Media for Public Relations

Today, several business owners engage in social media to improve their brand image; in the past, these platforms were only used for personal reasons. No wonder why many online-based and small businesses use social media for their public relations since it is perfect for direct involvement with the customers and the press.


Bacall Associates – a boutique sale, advertising, and PR support agency - will share a few techniques where you can use social media to boost your company’s public relations.


Create good content

Make sure to publish a social media friendly content that the customers will surely buy, share and value. Incorporating case studies in your content could add value to your post because they’re one of the strongest quantifiers you can use on the internet. They also provide a concise and clear data along with a perspective on the results. They should be presented in the right method to get an emotional reaction from your potential customers, which may cause direct involvement and possible sharing. Case studies are often shared by leading media outlets provided by businesses of different sizes and influence. You can also include videos or pictures to add life to your content. Publishing great content can improve your brand image and PR.


Make your brand caught bloggers' attention

Seeking bloggers' coverage can also help you boost your brand. The connection between public relations and social media known as the blogosphere serves as one of the most important factors for bloggers. Bacall Associates also affirmed that most bloggers are actively using social media platforms nowadays, and many of them are being carefully monitored by journalists.


Use social media to connect with the press

Since they can get a boatload of information on the web, the press has made the internet their home throughout the years. Major publications are now using Reddit to source fascinating stories while major news outlets are covering Twitter through the use of hashtags and trends.


It is now quick to connect with the media using social media platforms. If you have a great story to cover and use appropriate social media tagging and hashtags, it is possible to get a solid media coverage.


Bacall Associates now in Singapore is involved in this practice for several years now and they've been using social media to heighten their influence to their customers. The impact of social media on public relations indeed brought remarkable change to this practice, which helped many businesses around the world to enhance their brand image.