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please note


Calling from time to order such as a taxi is very much mistaken.

Please make sure to call the number after confirming the number well.


Booking Information


MK Sky Gate Shuttle by Merger System (Kansai · Itami Pickup)


Kyoto -> Kanku" one way one person 3,600 yen "Kyoto-> Itami Airport" one way one person 2,900 yen

"Kobe-Ashiya -> Kanku" one way one person 2,000 yen -


Direct chartered at affordable prices! Airport transfer fixed taxi


Traveling at major airports all over the country! Easy reservation by smartphone dispatch! (Excluding Tokyo MK · Taiwan)


Taxi ordering (Kyoto)


15% better than others! Even in the daytime and early morning, MK taxi is the cheapest in Kyoto.


Please also try Alphard HV of six people.


 075-778-4141 (Yoiyoi)

  0774-53-5489 (Uji / Castle)

* We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.


Higher of ordering (Kyoto)


VIP transfer, from tourist information to English conversation escort, you can use it in every scene.

Reservation is required beforehand for hire use ※.




* We apologize for any inconvenience as we make a mistake.


Tourist taxi WEB reservation   Learn more about Higher


A convenient way of riding a MK taxi


MK smart car delivery


Easy order from Sumaho App! Because you do not need to talk, you can order from the conference or from the train.

Target area: Kyoto · Osaka · Kobe · Shiga · Sapporo · Nagoya · Fukuoka


Automatic reception! Yobaru-kun


Ideal for a scene of "home from now to the usual place" such as home / shop! Because it is an automatic response, it also connects when call center is crowded.

Target area: Kyoto · Shiga